This site was made in and best viewed in Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later. It required Quicktime and Java enabled. It uses HTML, PHP and CSS. If you find the font too small, please go up to View > Text Size > Increase.

This project was created for my Communications Studies class entitled New Directions in Interactive Art and Entertainment. We had to choose a theme and create a web site using interactivity as a method that allowed users to navigate their own way through the project.

My theme is Identity and my project is entited Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer. It is supposed to encompass the elements of forensic psychology and create a suspenseful atmosphere, complete with haunting music, colour aesthetic, and recurring theme images.

The main points of interactivity include a 'game' called "Guess the Serial Killer." These hot spots can be reached from the main page and are numbered on each thumbprint. The user must click the correct serial killer in order to be taken to a page about that serial killer, completely with a biography, possible motives, a gallery and a video clip. Clicking the wrong serial killer will lead users to a "Try Again" page, sometimes with witty commentary, and a link to go back and try again. This type of interactivity forces the user to participate in propelling the narrative forward.

Near the bottom of the main page is a link to "About Serial Killers," which outlines a definition, characteristics of serial killers, types of serial killers, possible motives of serial killers, and a video clip from the documentary The Real Life Hannibal Lectors.

This project has more of an education feel than an entertainment feel, mostly due to the serious subject matter. It is intended to teach people about the psychology of some of the world's most notorious serial killers and offer some possible motives for their behavior and murders... in an interactive and multimedia-based way.

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